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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  September 16, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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route closed. >> a local high school gets a visit from president obama. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m." to begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it was a chilly september -- is a chilly september 16 this morning. i am cynne simpson. >> and very busy. i am pamela brown. lisa baden in a moment. but restart with adam caskey to talk about the temperatures. 48 degrees right now. >> 51 at reagan national. take a look at some of the cold as numbers i can find. in garrett county in oakland 35. 35 in frostburg. 41 in cumberland and ijamsville. not very cold everywhere. 49 in arlington 46 in manassas, 44 in bowie 45 in la plata.
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annapolis at 50. in the 60's today. mid to upper 60's. morning sunshine with increasing clouds. limited sunshine throughout the weekend with a chance of showers far south of the metro area. near 70 by sunday. not much to report in traffic. 95 is good in and out of baltimore and in virginia, books good. looks good along the george washington parkway. let's take you to a picture of traffic on 270 at father hurley boulevard. headlights are southbound. light in volume. a lot happening on the other side of town. 3 breaking stories. in accokeek, maryland, one person didn't and one more person injured after a crash on
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indian head highway. at least three vehicles were involved. one person died on the scene and another was taken to a local hospital. and a female student stabbed to death at a local college dormitory. there's word of an arrest. this happened along the 4000 block of derek hough parkway on the campus of bowie state university. -- of bowie statejericho. >> she was gone. >> you could see local police on the scene after 8:00 last night. 18-year-old dominique frazier, a student of the school from washington was stabbed to death on the second-floor this residence all. >> i heard a girl screaming and i saw the girl on the floor. >> campus police found her body in a hallway. they say she was already unconscious. she later died at prince george's hospital center just
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before 9:00. news of the horrific murder saddened and shocked this small campus community especially after students found out that the victim's own roommate was the person police at in custody. preliminary investigations show that the two got into an argument that escalated into a physical altercation. >> 4 campus like this it is not normal at all, to hear something like that happen. -- for a campus like this. >> that was jummy olabanji reporting. breaking news from arlington. a death investigation has a very busy stretch of roadway closed. mike conneen is on the scene. he's joining us live with crof breaking details. >> we have very little information from arlington county police, but we are told this is a death investigation on
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arlington boulevard, route 50. that affects eastbound traffic. all lanes have been closed eastbound on route 50. this is just before north queen street. there are a dozen officers here still investigating and the body is still on the scene. this is a down at 10th street. drivers can use wilson boulevard. local drivers can use fairfax drive to get around this area. police are not sure long they will be here investigating this scene this death investigation. they say it will impact rush hour drivers. at least a dozen officers are here on the scene still actively looking at this. westbound lanes are open. but with curiosity folks are slowing down. drivers will want to avoid this area heading to work. mike conneen reporting from arlington. >> thank you. we are following disturbing details about the abduction of a young child from springfield.
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a teenager kidnapped a five- year-old girl and sexual assault to the child. brianne carter is live in the newsroom with more on the case. what is the latest? >> fairfax county police have arrested a 16-year-old boy in connection with the incident that happened a few weeks ago. according to police, the little girl was taken from her home in the early morning hours about two and a half weeks ago. she was physically and sexually assaulted and made her way back home and was able to tell parents about the incident. the five-year-old little girl and the alleged assailant, lived just blocks from one another according to neighbors. the 16-year-old distrust with burglary with intent to commit a felony, a reduction with intent to defile, and sexual assault. it brought scary moments for neighbors. >> unfortunately in our society, it has become increasingly more violent. >> a lot of neighbors are still
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sleeping with their kids in the same bedroom. >> this is not the only run in with the loss for this boy. he was previously arrested on august 31 for burglary that the committed just three days before this alleged abduction. brianne carter reporting abc 7 news. turning to storm watch. the national weather service is looking into reports of a tornado in ocean city. judging from the images recorded, it looks like a tornado. numerous people captured the event on their phones. it happened around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. >> right there. >> i see it. >> i got it on video. holy cow. the whole thing is spinning. >> the storm damage to a condo building and ripped several air- conditioning units from another building. trees are uprooted and several cars were damaged, but no major
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injuries. vice-president joe biden will take a look at some flood damage. he will travel to look eastern pennsylvania to look at damage from hurricane irene and tropical storm lee. he will also serve a recovery efforts in that area. president obama will visit thomas edison high school in alexandria this morning to deliver remarks and to assign the american -- act into law. still ahead a debate is over for now. we will have the latest on the countdown to the possible shutdown that has a massive impact on air travel. >> investigators say the number of people infected with a mysterious from cantaloupes could grow. i am scott goldberg. that story's coming up. -- infected with the hysteria.
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-- listeria.
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happy friday morning, 5:11. adam caskey with your forecast
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update. we'll take a look at the cloud cover first. we have some clouds of to our west, crossing over the mississippi. those will continue streaming our way. so we will start the day with a lot of sunshine, but it will be cloudy this afternoon and evening. temperatures in the 40's. 41 in gaithersburg, 45 in frederick and winchester, 51 at reagan national, 55 in lexington park. a little warmer along the waterways, as expected. we are starting this friday in the 40's for the most part. we are talking highs in the mid 60's for most of us. around the beltway upper 60's. maybe 68 in downtown d.c.. only 63 in romney, west virginia. this weekend, near 70. saturday will be spent in the 60's for the majority of the day and probably the whole day for most of us. limited sunshine this weekend.
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a few variables working against us. peaks of sunshine and a few stray showers south of the metro. another look at the seven-day coming up. arlington, virginia, on the scene. eastbound 50 at pershing drive arlington police investigating in-depth investigation of. eastbound 50 is closed near pershing drive for the time being. this is a heavily traveled area of arlington. arlington boulevard will be closed for an undetermined amount of time eastbound. we will take you elsewhere. over to maryland. how about the beltway? for 95, 29 is good. no worries on 270. looks good out of ashburn through leesburg. seven out of sterling to tysons. ben eisler and on 66 out of manassas to get to vienna. back to you. >> thank you. -- moving nicely on 66 out of
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in our top stories on this friday morning is suspect is in custody in connection with last night's deadly stabbing at bowie state university. 18-year-old dominique frazier of d.c. was fatally stabbed last night in her dorm. police have arrested an 19-year- old roommate. police are the scene of a deadly crash in accokeek, maryland. three vehicles collided around 1:30 this morning at indian head highway. one person was rushed to
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hospital and the other pronounced dead at the scene. the national weather service is looking at your reports of a tornado in ocean city. look at this. judging from the images, it certainly looks like a tornado. numerous people captured the event on their smartphones. this happened around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the storm caused damage, but no major injuries. >> amazing video. we're learning more reported cases of listeria all linked to tainted cantaloupes. victims are speaking out. scott goldberg is following developments and he joins us now from northwest. good morning. >> good morning. health officials say the number of people infected listeriwith listeria could rise. they are trying to figure out how the melons were contaminated in the first place. as word spread that cantaloupe was contaminated, a fruit that
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seems safe because of the thick rind many found it hard to believe. >> i am shocked. >> no one was more surprised than the people that run this for generations family farm in colorado, a farm potentially cling to the outbreak. >> we are saddened that there's a possibility that our family's fruit could have got somebody's sick. >> eric jenson of jensen farms says he is devastated. 22 people are sick. but the devils have been sold in 17 states. numbers could grow. it couldn't started with contaminated soil or water. it could have come from workers stools or packaging equipment or refrigerators used during storage. the germs spread from the outside to the inside when you cut it with a knife.
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tammy says she is filing a lawsuit after our husbands in colorado springs 8 cantaloupe and now was in the hospital. >> i went over and started patting his face and asked what was wrong. he could not talk or anything. that's when i called 911. >> the farm's recalled the cantaloupe voluntarily. their fields normally produce 300,000 cases of cantaloupes each season. what is left of this year's crop has been destroyed. live in northwest, scott goldberg, abc 7 news. 5:18,. a shutdown of the faa has been averted. the senate passed a bill yesterday that temporarily extends federal aviation and highway programs. republican senator tom coburn of oklahoma objected to funding for ipads and walking trails. states will now be allowed to use the money for things such as bridge repair. certain celebrity names are proving dangerous when it comes
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to internet searches. and people who are not your friends will soon be able to read your facebook wall. >> more buzz about the iphone 5. apple has not confirmed the next version will be released next month, but it's widely rumored. it appears it will have a very different design. an accessory maker posted these pictures on its web site yesterday and then pulled them. they show if a slim profile and tapered edges. if you have recipes on your ipad, a shelf stand -- chef stand keeps its upright and there's a washable stylus. heidi coloklum if you search your name on line, you can get a
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malicious virus on your computer. a cold start to the day friday morning. we have been talking about the cold air and it's here. you'll want your jacket this morning and maybe a pair of gloves off in the potomac highlands. some of the valleys out west and the potomac highlands. 47 in hagerstown, 51 downtown. near 50 immediately along the waterways. much cooler than yesterday at this time. that's thanks to the cold front that moved through the metro area. you felt the cold front yesterday when the wind picked up and light rain moved through and cooler air moved into town. looking off to the west, clear skies. sunshine for the first half. then a cloud cover will continue to push our way. that will continue to move over our area and if a trade our skies throughout the afternoon.
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son sann this morning. increasing clouds and becoming gray this afternoon. 67 for the high temperature. most of us in the mid to upper 60's. near 70 on the weekend. cannot rule out a stray showers out of the metro. near 80 degrees by wednesday. we are enjoying the drive along route five and 301. 210 is closed between 87 the 373 /accokeek road. route 5 will carry more traffic because this is a complicated accident. let's take you to 95. looks great between richmond and baltimore. travel times in our favor on 66. no complaints on the dulles toll road. a good run on 270 at father hurley boulevard. headlights are southbound. if you take mass transit, metro
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will is on normal service systemwide. back to you. >> thank you. 5:22 48 degrees. >> in 1924 calvin coolidge presided in d.c. and gershwin was on the great white way. >> that's the last time a team from d.c. has a four-game streak. we have more on the nationals and 30 medigap 0. >> later today on "anderson," a conversation with the real housewives of beverly hills 4:00.
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getting to the ball low easier. >> did you see the attached? >> a baseball fan in kansas city did not spell a drop of his drink while catching a ball. >> that takes a lot of skill. here's the rest of this morning sports with tim brant. >> one thing we keep hearing is that the redskins appeared to be ready to give a heavy dose of high power in the running game. the redskins have challenged their offensive line this week and the coaches expect a breakout game from tim
5:26 am
hightower, who thinks this game will be a game of passion. >> they have some veterans who have been through some big games and tough times and they will come ready to play. that's one thing you know. the biggest thing and is a show of passion. if you're out that their motion and their energy, you have a good chance. >> let's go to baseball. if the nationals are learning how to win. let's go to new york where they beat up on the mets a yesterday with seven runs in the last two innings. ian desmond went 5 for 6 including this double in the ninth inning. the national scored three eighth inning four in the ninth inning. they swept the nats, fibrin a row for the nationals. 10-1 was the final. have a great day. a 20-degree temperature drop. >> this is drastic. you need a sweater. the news continues at 5:30. still ahead metro's name game
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continues. names are getting shorter. now we're learning about which stations could get longer names under a new plan. >> mike conneen in arlington this morning where police are investigating the deaths on route 50. the investigation will go on for three hours and will have a major impact on drivers. >> 20 degrees cooler this morning compared with yesterday at this time. i am tracking temperatures. and looking ahead at
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> i saw this blood on her. i was like, oh my god. >> breaking news.
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a female student is stabbed to death on the campus of a local university. this morning, a suspect is in custody. good morning, washington. it's friday, september 16. i am cynne simpson. >> i am pamela brown. great to have you with us on what is shaping up to be a busy friday morning. traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has a first check on the forecast. 20-degree drop from yesterday. >> yes, 20. look at the coldest weather i could find on the network. in garrett county, allegany county parts of the potomac highlands, question of maryland and west virginia. 35 in oakland, maryland. 35 in mchenry, 39 in frostburg 41 in cumberland. the 45 in bristow 42 at fairfax station, 41 in gaithersburg.
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a cool start to the day. some of the coldest temperatures in about four months. mid to upper 60's this afternoon with increasing clouds. this weekend, limited sunshine. cannot rule out a few stray showers out of the metro area saturday and sunday, in the southern maryland and on to the eastern shore. near 70 on the weekend. we have been on the scene of a complicated accident in accokeek maryland, that will keep 210 closed in both directions. we have video of this crash. 210 between 373 and farming and road. that will be closed northbound and southbound. -- farmington road. route 5 and livingston are some alternatives. now to news. >> breaking stories. a deck investigation is underway
5:32 am
at this hour in arlington. police are the scene of arlington boulevard and north queens street. arlington boulevard is closed at 10th street. the incident is expected to affect rush-hour traffic. we will bring details as they become available. >> and more breaking news. a female student is stabbed to death at a local college. now there's word of an arrest in the case. this attack happened last night along the 14,000 block of jericho park road on the campus of bowie state university. jummy olabanji joins us live now with breaking details this morning. >> i can tell you that maryland state police as well as campus police and other campus officials are still outside this dorm room behind us in the early morning. the victim has been identified as 18-year-old dominique frazier, a washington student. her 19-year-old roommate is in custody.
5:33 am
all this happened after 8:00 last night. you can see some of the images from newschopper 7 that was over the scene at bowie state university. police say that she and her roommate got into some sort of argument in their room and escalated into a physical altercation. dominique frazier was stabbed in the upper body and taken to prince george's hospital center where she later died an hour later. news of the murder sent shockwaves throughout the small campus community. >> 4-h camp was like this and a city like this, -- fora a campus like this, it's not normal for this to happen. >> the university sent out an alert for students and they are asked to a give any information the no. police have not released and the identity of the 19-year-old woman in custody because she has
5:34 am
not formally been charges. charges are pending. she left campus and then turned yourself into prince george's police after midnight. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. another breaking story this morning. a depth investigation has closed a busy virginia. commuter virginia mike conneen joins us from the scene in arlington to bring us up-to-date. >> good morning. details are very limited at this hour. right now arlington county police are calling this a death investigation on arlington boulevard/route 50, for the exit for north queen street. eastbound 50 is closed at pershing drive near fort myer. drivers can take clarendon boulevard, washington boulevard to 395. local drivers can use fairfax drive. westbound lanes are open. drivers occasionally slowdown out of curiosity. a dozen officers and detectives are still on the scene from arlington county police. if they have been taking
5:35 am
pictures in the last few minutes of the body that is still on the scene. they have been combing the area for evidence and clues. it is not clear if this was just a car accident or how the body ended up on the roadway. police of being very tight- lipped and it's not clear how long the investigation will continue this morning, but we are told that police and detectives will likely be here up to the next three hours. so this will certainly impact rush-hour. drivers are advised to avoid this area. reporting live in arlington mike conneen, abc 7 news. >> 66 might be a good alternative. fairfax county police need your help in finding a missing annandale oy. the 12-year-old autistic boy was last seen at around 7:00 last night in his home in the 4600 block of logdon drive. he had on red running pants and black shoes. investigators in a group are
5:36 am
taking a new approach to trying to solve the mysterious disappearance of a frederick maryland, woman. the prosecutor's office will be an act of the alleged drowning of robyn gardner. detectives will play the roles of robyn gardner and her travel companion gary giordano. the montgomery county man remains in custody in aruba in connection with the disappearance. so far he has not been charged with a crime. casey anthony will have to pay back nearly $100,000 to law enforcement agencies who investigated the deaths of her two-year-old daughter caylee. anthony was acquitted of murder in july, but she was convicted of lying to authorities. prosecutors asked that an entity be ordered to pay half a million dollars in costs from the investigation, but a judge opted for a lower figure. 5:36, 48 degrees on this friday. >> get a jacket. it's that time of year. still ahead, michelle obama teams up with major restaurant
5:37 am
chains in trying to get americans to eat healthy. >> i should have died when i hit the pavement. i should and died when the car burst into flames. >> he survived. more from a motorcyclists saved by an army of good samaritans. >> first, a check on traffic and weather every 10 minut ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some people say... good things come to those who wait. truth is... good things come to those who work. ♪ ♪ this is l.a. and this is what we do. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now lease the all-new 2011 chrysler 300 for $339 a m mth for well-qualified lessees.
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i am the executive chef at food and france, where we prepare and deliver food to people with hiv aids, cancer, and life challenging illnesses. if all of my staff and volunteers would like to wish you a -- >> the geico traffic camergood morning, washington. 51 degrees at reagan national, 41 in cumberland, 48 in martinsburg 42 in gaithersburg. quantico at 49. dulles airport at 44. we are in the 40's for the most part. a little warmer along the waterways. a lot of sunshine to start the day, then an increasing clouds by this afternoon. highs in the mid to upper 60's today. the upper 60's tomorrow. limited sunshine throughout the weekend. like fall, a stance of a few showers mainly in southern
5:41 am
maryland and on the eastern shore saturday and sunday. we just checked in with mike conneen a moment ago in arlington, virginia, as 50 is closed eastbound between pershing drive and corvallis road. arlington police are investigating a desk that happened in that area. that will impact traffic on the eastbound 50 area between pershing rd. and courthouse road. inner loop at braddock road, there's a crash blocking one lane. that's the beltway near braddock road. 210 is closed in both directions between accokeek road and farmington. nothing to talk about as far as 95 and 66, normal volume. that is so nice. route 4 looks good. no problems in and out2 of out 270 of baltimore myriapods27.
5:42 am
270 running at normal speed. metro is looking at changing station names. >> reaction has been mixed. the name changes under consideration include fourth glanc/-- include forest glen- holy cross hospital. waterfront-arena stage. kings 3-old town. changing the names does cost money. it's 49 degrees outside. cracks coming up on this friday morning, new developments as word leaks that a new romance could be more than just a fulling. >> and white tv talk shows is taking heat from the medical community. dr. oz'
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captioned by the national captioning institute welcome back. checking our top stories.
5:46 am
a suspect is now in custody in connection with last night did the stabbing at bowie state university. 18-year-old dominique frazier of d.c. was fatally stabbed last night in the dorm. police announced this morning there arrested a 19-year-old roommate. police are the scene of a deadly crash in accokeek, maryland. the vehicles collided at 1:30 this morning at indian head highway can and livingston road. one person was rushed to a hospital and the other pronounced dead of the scene. the accident is expected to cause traffic delays during the morning commute. be aware that. also causing traffic problems, a deck investigation in arlington. police at the scene of arlington boulevard and north queen street. arlington boulevard is closed at 10th street. that investigation could take a few hours. back to you. >> thank you. taking a look around the nation four men hospitalized after a bee attack in northern california. authorities believe 60,000 bees
5:47 am
were involved. a man in a wheelchair was stung more than 60 times yesterday. men who tried to help him were also stunned along with firefighters responded. if a street was shutdown and several businesses evacuated. beekeepers work to remove the beehives. a motorcyclist whose life was saved in a dramatic rescue is now speaking out. bystanders lifted a burning car off of the man. the whole thing was caught on camera. brandon wright says he wants to thank those who came to his rescue following the crash. it was not wearing a helmet. he says he is alive now because of what those citizen heroes did. >> that car could employ up at any time. how brave they are. >> plans to promote motorcycle safety when he recovers from his injuries. he will get the most expensive helmet that the confinan find.
5:48 am
dr. oz is facing criticism after claiming that the arsenic levels in apple juice may please are held at risk. some people in the medical community are calling and irresponsible. >> this year maundering reminds me of yelling fire in a movie theater. i'm very annoyed. >> we did our homework on this threat and spent a lot of time making sure we got the numbers right. >> he said lab tests found what he called a troubling levels of arsenic in many brands of apple juice. fda tests showed that he did not distinguish between organic arsenic, which is harmless, and inorganic arsenic, which can be toxic. it appears former real housewife michaele salahi may have restarted her relationship with a member of the band journey two years ago. she left her husband earlier this week to be with the lead guitarist. sources say that the two first
5:49 am
met in 1998 and the relationship became sexual in 2009. she and her husband first gained fame for allegedly clashing the white house state dinner. no one can forget that. >> the shenanigans continue. let's check the weather. >> i don't like that i had to wear my coat. >> even on the weekend it's going to be fairly cool. i cannot promise much sunshine on the weekend. if not totally cloudy, but not very sunny. we have some factors working against us. let's talk about temperature is first. what is the cold is no. on the weatherbug network? 36 in oakland in garrett county this morning. some of the coldest air we have seen in four months. 39 in frostburg at frostburg state university.
5:50 am
39 wisp in mchenry. 40 in inwood. 41 in frederick, 42 in potomac 42 at fairfax station 43 and brandywine. reagan national and annapolis at 51. temperatures this morning around 20 degrees cooler than what we had yesterday at this time. as for this afternoon smith 60's. some locations could make it to the upper 60's. on average we will be in the mid 60's later today with an increase in the clouds. clear skies to start the day. we will have a lot of sunshine to ormuz up this morning. of to our west we have a deck of clouds and energy pushing our way. the cloud cover will continue to move eastward and will invade our skies later this afternoon. mid-level and high level clouds not like the ones yesterday. into the weekend calling it limited sunshine. i guess we could say a few sticks of sunshine or sunny breaks periodically.
5:51 am
a little unsettled. you could have a few stray showers south of the metro area, from fredericksburg through southern maryland and on to the eastern shore. very few and far between, maybe a shower here and there is out of the metro. upper 60's tomorrow. low 70's by sunday. warming next big a little. 80 degrees by wednesday and thursday. 270 interstate 70, 95 in and out of baltimore look good. no worries on the b-w parkway. looks good through montgomery county. 270 out of frederick as where we usually have the heaviest volume this time of morning. typical delays forming. 66 and 95, everything open to get on to 395. northbound 95 in this picture. steady pace even though the volume is intense. arlington boulevard is closed near 10th street for a police investigation. 210 is closed in both directions between 373 and
5:52 am
farmington road for a fatal crash. more and a little while. now to news. another one of those mornings when you tell us the legal little extra time. amtrak today is changing its policy for children. >> and a tally for the nation's mortgage mess is added up. linda bell has more from the bloomberg headquarters in new york. happy friday. >> happy friday. it's no secret that many americans fell victim to fall to mortgages, as well as foreclosure abuse. bloomberg news found that it may have cost the nation posted five biggest lenders nearly $66 billion. new claims may push industrywide total to christ'stwice that amount. victia memorial to a plane crash
5:53 am
delsarte of its goal -- fell short of its goal. former president bill clinton is aghast that not enough money has been raised. amtrak is changing its policy to boost the age of unaccompanied minors depending on certain conditions. the minimum age for unaccompanied minors is 13 to 15. this takes effect november 1. that is business news. live and bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. have a great weekend. 8 tilikum 38 degrees. >>--
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5:56 am
some major restaurant chains are bringing healthy options. >> they're getting support from the white house. first lady michelle obama helped launch the campaign in hyattsville yesterday. the darden company is revising its menus now. in the next five years the restaurants will cut the amount of sodium and calories in all their food by 10%. in 10 years, by 20%. >> this is not about telling people what to do. it is about parents taking responsibility for what their kids eat.
5:57 am
>> mrs. obama encourages parents to demand help the options for their children and to keep speaking up. we will be right back with two breaking stories we're following. a stabbing at bowie state university. a roommate in custody. >> and in accokeek there's been a fatal crash. and another fatal crash on interstate 50 this morning. stay with us. we will keep you up-to-date.
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead two breaking stories. a student dead and another in custody after a stabbing at bowie state university. >> a pair of deadly crashes just down major routes into the district. >> good morning, washington. it's friday, september 16. thanks for joining us, i am cynne simpson. >> i am pamela brown. traffic and weather in a moment. first, one person is dead after a two-car collision in accokeek that happened about 1:00 this morning near indian head highway and livingston road. the roads are still shut down. >> police in arlington and shutdown parts of route 50 while they investigated deadly pedestrian crash. >> lisa baden is tracking the tauru -- the


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